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Almost everyone nowadays has a smart phone and with this smart phone they can access an entire store of applications. From watching Youtube videos to checking your Facebook, the world is at our fingertips. Along with these apps, there are many that are fitness related. The Greatist Team of made a list of the 64 best health and fitness applications of 2013 and here are a few that made the cut;


MyFitnessPal: This app has a database of more than two million food items in order for users to track calories. This app can be used for all types of diets whether the user is going low-carb, high-protein, or just trying to be healthier.

Nike Training Club: This app features over 100 workouts with varied times that can work with any schedule. The workouts are accompanied with audio as well as video demos incase the user does not know how to perform a certain exercise.

Cruise Control: This app creates a playlist based on the user’s music library and matches it to their target pace or heart rate.

Charity Miles: This app tracks every mile ran, biked, or walked, and donates to a charity on the behalf of the user’s hard work. It is free thanks to corporate sponsors sponsoring the user’s run.

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