All posts for the month October, 2013

This story will sound all too familiar for most of you. It was that point in time when you were on-point! You were on that gym grind. You never missed your favorite workout class at the gym. You had salads for lunch. You avoided beer at all costs. You were good. You were real good. You were pinning all the fitness things on Pinterest. You were following every motivational twitter account. You were liking all the inspirational pictures on Instagram. You might have even thrown a “Progress Pic” up there yourself! Whatever your motivation was– vacation, summer, beach, etc., you had it and nothing was going to stop you!!!

Until that one week….

Either the vacation happened, summer happened, or just life in general caught up and you missed a week in the gym. You could “afford” to eat that piece of chocolate here and there or maybe “relax” with just a couple beers after a long week. “I’ll start up again on Monday.” That turned to “I’ll start up again the 1st of the month.” Weeks pass and you look back disgusted because you see  yourself and all that hard work has disappeared!

We have all been here before! Unfortunately you will probably be here again, but realize one thing, today is a new day to start. Today is an opportunity to start a journey, that at first may seem like you are “playing catch up,” but in-fact use it become STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER than you were before. The road will be long, but time is all you have! Mark the calendar with an “end date.” Let this be a goal and reward yourself once you reach it. Don’t fall backwards once you hit it.

The hardest part is not getting in the best shape of your life. It certainly is not hard to quit. The hardest part is starting over. It is taking those set backs and making them your comeback. If you are tired of starting over… STOP GIVING UP!


  1. Plan your life, but don’t spend your whole life planning
  2. Appreciate family dinners, even when you have nothing to say, say something
  3. Listen to other people. You can learn from them without having to go through something bad
  4. Love yourself before you say I love you to someone else
  5. Don’t be selfish. Ever
  6. Donating your time is more valuable than money
  7. Enjoy a night out without having to tell the world or share the photos
  8. Order something random on a menu. Step out of your comfort zone.
  9. Hold the door for someone, literally and figuratively
  10. Have patience with the slow car in front of you, that might be you one day
  11. Leave 5-min early anywhere you go
  12. Save your change. A penny saved is a penny earned
  13. Talk to the stars, just make sure you don’t expect them to talk back
  14. Chase a ridiculous dream. That childhood dream that you were SURE you were to live. Go after it
  15. Print those pictures from your phone every 6 months
  16. Learn to relax
  17. Get up for someone on the train or bus 
  18. Relax with the social media. Just relax.
  19. Go for a run without headphones
  20. Have a party with friends you haven’t seen in years.
  21. NEVER answer a “what’s new?” with “nothing”
  22. Learn how to cook. Even the most basic foods
  23. Learn what a mortgage is, a 401k is, and what a credit score is
  24. Never forget where you came from. good or bad. It helped create your story
  25. Ask questions! Nobody was born with the knowledge. They learn by asking.
  26. Make a New Years Resolution and complete it
  27. Make a New Month Resolution right after you fail your New Years one
  28. Read the news so you have a clue whats going on in the world.
  29. Make your own opinions up. Everyone can reiterate what they just heard. Thats lame
  30. Don’t go to bed mad. Smile and be thankful for the hard day of life because it was filled with lessons
  31. Wake up and learn from those lessons
  32. If you have nothing to wake up for. stay in bed.
  33. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in years. Someone will appreciate them
  34. Put on that new outfit and go out in it on a completely random occassion
  35. Say thank you
  36. Say please
  37. Say sorry
  38. When are having a rough day, remember someone would give anything to have just one more day
  39. Do not bring your cell phone to the dinner table
  40. Growing up will be easier if you plan an exciting future for yourself
  41. Be empathic to everyone. You don’t know their story
  42. Dance in a club like you would at home by yourself. Let the world watch
  43. Don’t talk about your diet
  44. Don’t talk about your money
  45. Do the things that are challenging.
  46. Don’t always sit in the same seat in class
  47. Go to the dentist & doctor for check ups
  48. Don’t text and drive. Your not invincible.
  49. Dont drink and drive. Your not “good to drive”
  50. Jump up and down on the hotel bed
  51. Order room service and fall asleep before you finish eating. Now you have breakfast in bed
  52. Learn your family history. If you don’t, then you can’t teach the future about the past
  53. Realize the oldest you are right now is also the youngest you’ll ever be again
  54. Don’t let a go day bye without a smile
  55. Travel. There will never be a “perfect time”
  56. Write. You can capture your emotions. A status or tweet is just the tip of the iceberg. Be descriptive
  57. Call someone, don’t text them.
  58. Look at a sunset on the beach. Go back and watch it rise. Everything will ALWAYS be okay
  59. Appreciate even the “bad gifts” because someone was generous enough to give you something
  60. Don’t cheat. Grades only matter to get in college. Your employer doesn’t care if you got an A or B-
  61. Make to-do lists. If you have nothing to do, are you really living your life to the fullest?
  62. Don’t snooze. Unless you set your clock to be 10-minutes fast
  63. Make your life into something you hate to see end, but can’t wait to see how it turns out
  64. Avoid drama, it just adds unnecessary stress to your life
  65. Stay up all night. It will hurt to do this when you are older.
  66. Your comfort zone is your weakness
  67. Learn that a year of life is really just 52 weeks. You live your life on a weekly schedule
  68. Learn to appreciate the little things in life
  69. Don’t be fooled, you won’t leave college “prepared” for the real world unless you prepare yourself
  70. Go create a life filled with stories that you can tell your kids about… “back in my day”