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One of the most common conversation pieces at family gatherings is the “diet.” Around the table you have those who KNOW EVERYTHING. They know everything! In reality they are simply preaching what they read online or heard on a TV Show from a “Doctor.” Then across from them are the family members that are “starting.” They are ALWAYS STARTING. They use the same excuses each time you see them. Then there is the quiet cousin who is in great shape. Not because she is young. Not because she knows the magic diet, but because she joined the real FitFam. So what is the “FitFam?” Consider it  a motivational support group. A place where people share similar goals, dreams, and ambitious. While there is no Fit Fambloodline. There are no family gatherings. Hell there are hardly even real default pictures, but the FitFam is REAL.

Sometimes it is used as an escape for that ordinary person to feel special. It makes them feel accepted. The FitFam accepts ALL shapes, sizes and kinds of people. It is a family where opinions are only formed to motivate each other. It also hold people accountable. If you post that you are going to the gym, you almost feel obligated to do so. You feel obligated to be truthful to this ‘family.’ You can easily lie to your real family about your diet and how strict you’ve been, but to the ‘FitFam’ it is about honesty with each other and honesty to yourself.

For anyone just starting out into the fitness world or for anyone restarting. I encourage you to search for #FitFam You will find a world of incredible people who share their stories, share their fears, share their challenges. They don’t see obstacles as roadblocks, but as stepping stones to a new path. You have the motivation inside of you. The ‘FitFam’ has your back whenever you feel like giving up. Welcome to the Family !

There’s nothing like the feeling after a good workout, right? Right. Well, there is one thing that adds to the fun of working out — new gadgets. Looking for a new fitness tool. Fitbit’s new wristband, Flex may be your answer. This new wireless activity & sleep wristband uses it’s sleek design to help you keep track of your goals.

The wristband tracks:

  • Calories Burned
  • Hours Slept
  • Distance Traveled                                          
  • Active Minutes
  • Quality of Sleep 
  • Steps Taken

Once paired though Bluetooth with your smartphone, Flex tracks the goals you’ve set for yourself for each day. It keeps record of your progress by using its led lights. This new workout accessory makes it fun & easy to reach your goals. Flex also has an alarm feature to wake you up for those morning workouts, and it’s water-resistant, so don’t be afraid to work up a good sweat!

To Pre-Order or learn more about Flex check out their website: