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Did you know just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolution? That’s because we set these high, but vague self-improvement goals. “Save Money” “Lose Weight” “Spend More Time with Family” While these are GREAT, they are so broad! How will you save money? How will you lose weight? Get the point? New Year's Resolutions

We are here to help improve your body! Give you that flat, toned, and sexy body you always wanted. In just 6-weeks you will see a HUGE difference in your body. You will have a chance to show off that fit body on  FREE VACATION. Hit the tropical sand and flaunt what you worked so hard for!

How It Works:

  1. On January 1st, visit and fill out a simple registation form which includes basic information and your starting weight. Registration is open from Jan 1st-19th.
  2. Your Enrollment into the Challenge comes with our 1st Semester DVD Program, Nutrition Guide, Resistance Band, and COREse Planner. You also receive 24/7 support!
  3. The Valedictorian Challenge is from Monday January 20th –  March 3rd
  4. Follow COREiculum’s 1st Semester and get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE
  5. Just 6-weeks later you will weigh yourself again! The challenger with the greatest percentage of weight loss will win the FREE VACATION!

It’s that simple! Don’t start 2014 with a vague plan. Start 2014 with a kick-ass plan! This is YOUR YEAR. Start Motivated! Stay Ambitious. Set Goals &  let COREiculum HELP you get there! Any questions? contact us!


This story will sound all too familiar for most of you. It was that point in time when you were on-point! You were on that gym grind. You never missed your favorite workout class at the gym. You had salads for lunch. You avoided beer at all costs. You were good. You were real good. You were pinning all the fitness things on Pinterest. You were following every motivational twitter account. You were liking all the inspirational pictures on Instagram. You might have even thrown a “Progress Pic” up there yourself! Whatever your motivation was– vacation, summer, beach, etc., you had it and nothing was going to stop you!!!

Until that one week….

Either the vacation happened, summer happened, or just life in general caught up and you missed a week in the gym. You could “afford” to eat that piece of chocolate here and there or maybe “relax” with just a couple beers after a long week. “I’ll start up again on Monday.” That turned to “I’ll start up again the 1st of the month.” Weeks pass and you look back disgusted because you see  yourself and all that hard work has disappeared!

We have all been here before! Unfortunately you will probably be here again, but realize one thing, today is a new day to start. Today is an opportunity to start a journey, that at first may seem like you are “playing catch up,” but in-fact use it become STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER than you were before. The road will be long, but time is all you have! Mark the calendar with an “end date.” Let this be a goal and reward yourself once you reach it. Don’t fall backwards once you hit it.

The hardest part is not getting in the best shape of your life. It certainly is not hard to quit. The hardest part is starting over. It is taking those set backs and making them your comeback. If you are tired of starting over… STOP GIVING UP!


A new study from Indiana University at Bloomington 94 % of couples who joined a fitness program as a pair were more likely to stick with it, than singles.

Image Provided by: Thinkstock / The Nest

Image Provided by: Thinkstock / The Nest

Couple Workouts seem to be the new “it” trend. Classes across the country range from intensities of cross fit to technique in Pilates and breathing in yoga. Gyms include Soul Cycle, Barry’s Boot camp and Pure Yoga.

We are always looking for a workout partner so who better than your significant other many gyms are now offering year round sweat sessions.

Couples fitness can help create motivation support and share a common interest in the gym. So switch things up this year put down the chocolates and pick up the barbells.

Spring break is less than two short months away, which means that you need to start working for a body that you’ll be proud to show off on the beach! Plans have been made, tickets are booked, and countdowns have begun. If you’re like most college students, you want the perfect “spring break body.” It’s no secret that the way to achieve this body is by working out (with your COREiculum DVDS, of course), and eating healthy. But there’s more you can do! Here are a few simple tips that will lead you in the direction of spring break perfection:

  1. Replace grains and starchy foods with fruits and vegetables: It is very important to eliminate cereal, sandwiches, and things alike. These things are very common to find in college dining halls, but for the short term goal, they are the enemy.  Replace cereals with protein shakes and sandwiches with salads. If you feel like you must have some type of starch, it is best if you have it in the morning. Maintaining control of your diet is very important.

  2. Eliminate Alcohol: This is probably one of the most difficult goals to accomplish for most college students. It’s hard to go out without drinking at all. How bad do you want that perfect bod? It’s only a few weeks alcohol free, and any time you find yourself wanting to splurge, think about how much better your body will look without the extra calories and dehydration. However, if you must drink, keep it to once a week, and stick to club soda as a mixer. Remember to always drink a full glass of water for every drink that you have, in order to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your glowing skin. And skip the late night fat sandwiches after a night at the bar! They’ve never done any one any good. Ever.
  3. 6-days/ week of Mixed Metabolic Conditioning: These are short duration of high intensity exercises. After 30 minutes of high intensity workouts, go on a slow paced walk around campus or the track. The high intensity exercises helps release fat from the cell, while the slow paced workout helps reassure that none of the fat is being restored.

These rules aren’t easy to follow, but if you stick to them, you won’t regret it. 90 degree beaches are calling you and your abs. IT’S WORTH THE WORK!

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