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alcohol blog Drinking alcohol and staying healthy often do not go hand in hand. Alcohol, like soda, is just empty calories that add no nutritional value to your body. The argument for drinking alcohol is that we don’t drink it for the nutritional value. Very often when college aged participate in drinking liquor it is done it what is known as “binge” behavior. We drink excessive amounts on the weekends and often none during the week. This binge behavior can have immense effects on our body and in fact cause us to gain access weight.

The average alcoholic beverage contains carbs, sugar and ethanol. When the beverage is consumed it goes to the stomach where some of the alcohol is absorbed through the stomach lining into the bloodstream, the carbs and sugar get digested through the traditional digestive tract and then the ethanol is diverted to the liver. The way your body treats the alcohol leads to a disruption in the body’s processing of food. Ethanol, which has no nutritional value, gets burned off first. Then any calories remaining in your stomach, either from the alcohol or the food you ate with the drink, gets stored as fat. Often times the food choices we make while drinking are usually unhealthy. While things like protein and carbs require some body energy to be processed, fat requires none and is then directly deposited. With all this information out there, we still ignore the warning signs of alcohol and how bad it can be for our body, and consume it anyway. Realistically college kids aren’t going to be stop drinking anytime soon. The remedy in this case may not be to give up drinking entirely, just how we do it.

When our bodies consume alcohol we recognize it as a toxin and struggle to metabolize it. Our bodies cannot adapt to metabolizing alcohol when it is only done excessively and occasionally. In that case our body quickly turns it into fat and stores it. Although, when we drink in moderation more often our bodies can learn to handle to processing of alcohol in a more efficient matter. In people who drink eight ounces of alcohol daily do not store the calories consumed while drinking as fat. As an overall lifestyle, those who drink moderately over time learn to make concessions in their diet when they expect they will be drinking.

Another obstacle we face while drinking is that often bar tenders will serve us more than the suggested amount. As well, if we are serving ourselves we have a tough time measuring the amount we should be drinking. In both scenarios we end up over pouring and drinking too much.   To help control the over pouring, a good option is to order a bottle of light beer. This is already portion controlled for us and therefore we are not left to our own devices.

In reality, college student are not going to stop drinking. Although, it is realistic to think that we have the power to change our drinking habits and how they eventually correlate with our eating habits. By making smarter, lighter more moderate decisions when it comes to alcohol, we will see the effects of those choices throughout our life.


From Women’s Health Magazine

It’s great to be healthy, but healthy doesn’t always mean denying ourselves a reward.

After long hours of work, what better way to celebrate than by enjoying a cocktail?  Make it a skinny version! Here are a few recipes for cocktails under 150 calories:

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I love a Cosmopolitan just as much as the next girl, but is it really, worth 220 calories per drink?  Make it worth your while by taking it down a notch.  Here’s how to enjoy 75 calories worth of a Cosmo!

  • Squeeze a wedge of lime and a wedge of orange into 1 oz. of cranberry flavored vodka
  • Fill the glass with club soda and serve over ice

Looking for something simple, delicious, and NOT fattening?  Check this out. Only 75 calories!

  • Pick a flavored vodka or rum
  • Add club soda, a twist of lime, and pour it on the rocks!

Mimosas without the feeling of regret afterwards:

  • 1 oz. orange juice and 3 oz. champagne

Margarita Monday just got even better. Enjoy a mini margarita for only 80 calories.

  • Squeeze a couple of lime and orange wedges into a glass.
  • Add 1 oz of tequila and a splash of sweet and sour mix (optional).
  • Blend with ice cubes or serve on the rocks, your choice!

Mhm, Bellini? Don’t mind if I do! Enjoy a Basic Bellini for only 105 calories:

  • Blend 2 oz white-peach puree with 4 oz Prosecco

Feeling guilty about your love for daiquiris? Not anymore! 135 calories of deliciousness by following this recipe:

  • Puree 1 cup of strawberries in a blender with 1 oz. light rum and a handful of ice cubes and a sprinkle of sugar

Pina Coladas are the perfect summer drink! Unfortunately they are 700 calories! Not worth it. How about enjoying a refreshing Nada Colada?

  • Mix 1 oz. coconut rum with 4 oz pineapple juice
  • Top with a splash of club soda
  • Serve over ice

Enjoy and reward yourself, while still living a healthy lifestyle, sans the extra calories.

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