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Why does it seem that you only crave foods that are bad for you? Whether it’s chocolate, salty potato chips, or sweet candy, when that craving hits- you just have to satisfy it. Instead of reaching for your usual treat, packed with calories and regret, learn the secret to being satisfied and still healthy.

Craving candy? Try fruit. Forget that it’s healthy- and you’ll be surprised how sweet and satisfying it can be. There are plenty of fruits that have that sweet taste without all the extra, unwanted calories. In addition to curbing that sweet tooth craving, try adding higher fiber foods and whole grains.

Chocolate always seems to be the first thing we tend to gravitate towards to make ourselves feel good. It’s my number one go- to craving, and it’s almost impossible to fight. The good news- you don’t have to eliminate chocolate all together when that hankering hits. To satisfy that craving, choose dark chocolate. Chocolate with 75 percent cacao or higher is lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants. Chocolate is chocolate- why not make it good for you.

The craving for salty foods, such as potato chips or popcorn, is often linked with chronic stress affecting your adrenal glands. It is important to keep your stress under control. Some ways to get a handle on stress are meditation and breathing exercises. If you take a moment to meditate and breathe before reaching for that salty morsel, you will cut your binging in half.

The ultimate craving cure, and perhaps the easiest addition to anyone’s daily diet, is drinking water! Yes, water! Most of the time when we interpret our bodies signals as food cravings, we are actually just dehydrated. Research suggests that 80 percent of people are chronically dehydrated. Before reaching for that piece of food, try drinking a tall glass of water first. Wait 30 minutes after you finished your glass of water, and then decide then if you are still hungry. I’ve tried this… and it works!

It is important to distinguish between your body’s needs and wants. Of course everyone is going to indulge once in a while, and that’s okay. Making unhealthy snacks a habit is not okay. Try and be conscious of your decisions and think about what it is that your body is really asking for, and consider all ways to satisfy that need in the healthiest way.


From: Women’s Health Magazine

Spring break is less than two short months away, which means that you need to start working for a body that you’ll be proud to show off on the beach! Plans have been made, tickets are booked, and countdowns have begun. If you’re like most college students, you want the perfect “spring break body.” It’s no secret that the way to achieve this body is by working out (with your COREiculum DVDS, of course), and eating healthy. But there’s more you can do! Here are a few simple tips that will lead you in the direction of spring break perfection:

  1. Replace grains and starchy foods with fruits and vegetables: It is very important to eliminate cereal, sandwiches, and things alike. These things are very common to find in college dining halls, but for the short term goal, they are the enemy.  Replace cereals with protein shakes and sandwiches with salads. If you feel like you must have some type of starch, it is best if you have it in the morning. Maintaining control of your diet is very important.

  2. Eliminate Alcohol: This is probably one of the most difficult goals to accomplish for most college students. It’s hard to go out without drinking at all. How bad do you want that perfect bod? It’s only a few weeks alcohol free, and any time you find yourself wanting to splurge, think about how much better your body will look without the extra calories and dehydration. However, if you must drink, keep it to once a week, and stick to club soda as a mixer. Remember to always drink a full glass of water for every drink that you have, in order to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your glowing skin. And skip the late night fat sandwiches after a night at the bar! They’ve never done any one any good. Ever.
  3. 6-days/ week of Mixed Metabolic Conditioning: These are short duration of high intensity exercises. After 30 minutes of high intensity workouts, go on a slow paced walk around campus or the track. The high intensity exercises helps release fat from the cell, while the slow paced workout helps reassure that none of the fat is being restored.

These rules aren’t easy to follow, but if you stick to them, you won’t regret it. 90 degree beaches are calling you and your abs. IT’S WORTH THE WORK!

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