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Over the last 5 years one of the biggest fitness trends has been the ‘mud run.’ Testing your ability to not only run a course of 12 miles (some longer, some shorter), but to overcome Photo Credit: Mud Runmilitary-like obstacles. What posses people to run through fire, carry tires, swim in freezing water, or sludge through muddy trenches?

Our own Professor Stern comments on his completion of 3 Tough Mudders and how he is prepping for his 4th this coming October.

“My first Tough Mudder was BRUTAL. I was in good shape, but I never ran 12-miles before, nor could I prepare for the bizarre obstacles I was about to face. The hardest part about Mudder 1 was the water. To say I didn’t think about quitting would be a lie. I was miserable the first 5-6 miles. I conquered every obstacle, except for the monkey bars. I got to the top of the vertical bars and fell to the freezing water. That was the moment I KNEW I was coming back for Mudder 2. I needed to conquer the bars! It is still a hard course each year, but I learned to prep for it. I learned how to make the 12 miles of mud, rocks, and water into a fun personal obstacle course.”

Below are Professor Stern’s Top 5 Ways to Prep for a Mud Run Professor Stern and Team

1) Cardio! Don’t think of the 12 miles as a race. Many people walk to the next obstacle, and with the course being filled with these obstacles, there are usually small lines to wait on- giving yourself a much needed breather.

2) Team Up! The addition of your friends alongside of you will push you to new limits and past obstacles. It is not only encouraged, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to do tasks such as the Wounded Warrior Carry or even get over the Berlin Walls without a helping hand. Find a friend or two and help eachother out. This will also help you prepare for the event because you now have a training partner.

3) Sneakers. Do not invest in a crazy expensive pair of running sneakers, but remember 12 miles on a track is A LOT different than mud and water. You will certainly need a decent pair that won’t rip during the first mile. A bad set of sneakers could give you blisters or make it feel like you are running barefoot. Invest in a decent pair and be prepared to donate the muddy pair at the end.

4) Music. Clearly you can’t run with headphones in. If you are like me, cardio is not an option without my ipod. Unfortunately that was one thing I had to train myself for. Running simply with the music in my head.

5) Plyometrics. The best workout I did to prepare for my mud runs was a plyometric based workout. It exploded my legs to not just build endurance, but strength and speed. It helped me jump over the logs in the woods and push myself over the muddy mountains.

Mud Runs are an excellent want to motivate and take your training to the next level. Again, do not be scared of the distance. Make this a personal goal to FINISH the event. Don’t compare yourself to the guy next to you. If you are ready to challenge your body and don’t mind getting a little muddy, then find a mud race near you and start to prep! If you have any other questions on preparing for the courses, e-mail us at !


We took a look at the recent article in the New York Times “Fitness Playgrounds Grow as Machines Go.” For many of us we have participated in one of the popular obstacle course races that have sprung up over the last five years. From crawling in mud to running through color, we sometimes forget we are actually exercising, but if we have so much fun doing that, why do we spend hours doing leg presses and squats? If you haven’t noticed, your gym has now made room for 25lb ropes, box jumps, and sandbags. Ditching some of the more costly gym equipment, gym owners are profiting, but are you profiting from your workout?

The “Recess” style workout will not make you a body builder, but the days of looking like Hulk Hogan are long gone. People want to be fit and sculpted. Pushing your body through an intense obstacle course will help produce those results, but we are not completely sold on this one dimension style workout. If you continue to go through these courses everyday which feature for example, box jumps and squats, you are overtraining your legs. Even if you are not using weight, you are putting emphasis on the same muscles consecutive days.

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We are huge fans of functional fitness, but don’t neglect a good day on the weights. There are a lot of great benefits from strength training with free weights. The functional fitness training has helped changed the world of fitness. It takes us back to our days on the playground. Monkey bars, crawling through tubes and playing on rock climbing walls are excellent ways to achieve your fitness goals. Just like anything in life, moderation is key. Find the balance between functional fitness and strength training. Most important aspect is to NOT GET BORED. Your gym has a lot to offer, but if you are tired of going, jog to your local park and enjoy a quality day of grown-up recess!

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