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When you are an entrepreneur, you will knock on a lot of doors. Get comfortable to the sound of the door bell. You will make a lot of cold calls. Get comfortable talking to voice mails. You will send A LOT of e-mails and messages. Get comfortable getting ignored. See a pattern? You will get comfortable dealing with all of these things, but one thing you cannot get comfortable about is your progress. Don’t get comfortable about where you are in life. Don’t get comfortable about your vision or your goals. Comfort will lead you to make excuses. Comfort will lead you to lose sight in your WHY. Your WHY is why you started this project.

The most successful people in any industry are not always the smartest, strongest, fastest or richest, but they are the hungriest. They get ignored time and time again, but they never stop knocking, calling or messaging. They know that there is someone out there who will take a chance on them. They never sell themselves short.

We are all entrepreneurs. You are an individual brand. Your smile is your business card. Your story is your resume. Your passion is your mission statement. Never lose sight of your WHY. For college students today, you might graduate & embark on a career that might not be what you expected. You might be struggling to land a solid career. You might even be struggling to find your WHY.

Today’s Lesson is simple. Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to. Spruce up that business card. Write out that resume. Look deep inside your heart and find your mission statement. Whatever you do, no matter how many times you get ignored or rejected, NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT.

There is someone out there who thinks you are worth every penny!


-Professor Stern

During High School, the goal was simple. Higher Grades =  Higher GPA = More Scholarship Money to College =  More Savings

Unfortunately that mentality SUCKS in college. I was so caught up getting good grades, the best grades possible, that I missed out on so much education. Sure the transcript says 4.0, but I never went on an interview that asked ” what was your grade in finance 200 ”

Today’s Lesson to my classmates is simple. LEARN. Take your 15 credits and break them down like this.

I have “Marketing” 2x a week for 1 hour 15 minutes each class. The person in front of the room is an expert. Pick their brain. Learn the material, don’t just memorize it. The test is not a test for your professor’s health. The test is to show you what you actually know so that when an employer asks you to do it, you can do it. In a world that is always evolving, there has always been one constant. Education is power. Do not stress about a grade. Do not memorize material just to forget it after you spit it on out a test. Do not cheat. Do not cheat yourself.

I unfortunately memorized so much in college. I said to myself, oh it is just a vocab test. I will have Google when I graduate to just look up a word when the time comes. No! It is more than just learning the word. It is about learning how to apply it. 4 years will fly by, but unfortunately you don’t really have 4 years to learn. you have a semester or two to become a master at that one subject. To soak in as much knowledge as possible.

For me, owning COREiculum requires me to wear a lot of hats. Some hats I never thought I would wear. Other hats I don’t want to wear, and some hats I want to wear, but I did not get the education behind it to do it successfully. I regret getting a 4.0 in college because I think I would be smarter with a 3.0

You will always hear ” it is not what you know, but who you know.” How about you become that person that everyone wants to know, simply because, you know everything you are suppose to know!

-Professor Stern