The Program


For just $29.95 you get the "1st Semester" which includes:
  • 2 DVD set packed with 6 COREses which includes Plyometrics, Kickboxing and the Dean of all workouts: Boot Camp with Professor Stern and 3 Extra Credit COREses including Cardio Dance, Yoga and 10-Minute Body Pump
  • Resistance band (no extra equipment is needed!)
  • A "Nutrition Guide Cheat Sheet" teaching you ways to eat with tricks and tips to finally get those sexy abs you always wanted
  • A COREiculum calendar


1st Semester COREse Overview


The Plyometrics COREse is packed with quick and explosive exercises designed to effectively burn fat, build lean muscle and maximize power. This CORSE involves stretching and contracting muscles in a repeated and rapid form as a way to increase agility and power all while burning calories and improving the functions of the nervous system. This 24 minute COREse can burn over 400 calories!

Total Legs:

This COREse will help you develop powerful, toned and sexy legs. Your legs are often the most ignored body part when it comes to exercising, but this 1st Semester COREse of leg workouts will help increase your overall lean muscle mass and make it easier to burn calories when performing daily activities. Some muscles targeted in this COREse are the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.


This COREse will teach you how to kick off the pounds with high intense sequences packed with punching, kicking and combination moves. Concentrating on proper form and technique, you will not only have fun but will feel the burn after just a few short minutes. Make every punch and kick count with intense and powerful movements When performing this rigorous calorie-burning workout, be sure to exhale when you throw your punch or kick, and inhale when you retract your arm or leg. Doing this properly supplies more oxygen to the lungs enabling you to work out more efficiently and longer. More energy behind the punches or kicks results in more calories burnt.

Upper Body:

This COREse will target your Back, Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps! The best way to achieve proper posture is to tone your back and shoulder muscles. This COREse allows you the option to develop sleek, toned muscles by doing more reps with lighter weight or build larger, stronger muscle mass by decreasing your reps and increasing your weight. Working the upper body also has its benefits in strengthening abs and core muscles, and helping you burn calories at a faster rate.These upper body exercises require a tightened core to keep balance and form, so working the "show off" muscles will also enhance your abs so you can show off that toned, sexy body.

Boot Camp:

Taking into account all 4 COREses you are enrolled in, this comprehensive work out is the "mother" of the 1st Semester. Boot camp is an excellent way to enhance aerobic capacity and burn off a lot of calories! This COREse is filled with intense aerobic movements catering to building upper-body strength and endurance, tone and powerful legs, and a sculpted and defined core. Do not feel discouraged if you are unable to complete this work out during the first few weeks. After you continually attend the other COREses, you will see and feel and increase in strength and endurance. Work up to this "Mother" and show her what you are made of!


The "dream" 6-Pack is becoming a reality with this intense abs routine. We have provided you with 15 of the toughest abs exercises on the planet. The best part about this COREse is you will feel the results the next day! When you first enroll in this COREse, learn the movements and master the form. Proper form is key to a successful abs workout. Once you are confident to take on this grueling COREse, remember to breath! Too Easy? Add More Reps! Always push yourself but never lose proper form!

Extra Credit COREses

Body Pump: An explosive 10-Minute COREse for the student that just can’t find the full 30 minutes that day and wants to pump up the muscles before the beach day. This routine is fast paced and packed with push ups, squats, crunches and more targeting all the major muscle groups. The pump will last only about 30-60 minutes but it will leave you feeling great and looking even better.

Cardio Dance: Ignoring the typical running or walking, step into this Cardio Dance COREse where you move to the music to dance off the pounds. This 30-Minute COREse is a fun, follow along dance routine that is simple to learn but is sure to make you sweat! Dancing will help release these feel good hormones that will help put a smile on that sexy body.

Yoga Stretch: Take a small part of your day to connect the mind, body and spirit with these slow dynamic and static movements.This COREse is designed to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance which will help tone your entire body.